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How Much To Replace Cast Iron Plumbing?

How Much To Replace Cast Iron Plumbing?

Cast iron is a story of the past. Yet you can see its remains in some of the old houses made in the 1970s. If you own one such house, you might need to replace its cast iron plumbing because it has reached its old age now.

Replacing or repairing these pipes is no less than a chaos for you. Cast iron is a heavy material that is difficult to replace and can welcome rodent and pest infestations that can ruin the quality of your drinking water. In addition, insurance companies do not cover cast iron replacement, which is a big financial toll on your pocket.

Now, how do you estimate the cost of cast iron repair? It is difficult to pinpoint the exact amount for this repair or replacement. Most plumbing companies do not offer this replacement because cast iron pipes need more skills and expertise. A few plumbing companies that provide this service typically charge by foot. This cost of foot can be influenced by different factors as well.

What Are The Factors That Influence The Replacement Cost Of Cast Iron Plumbing?

Cast pipes can cause plumbing problems, such as discolored water and sewer contamination of drinking water, so you must address them as soon as possible. Various factors can affect the cost of repairing or replacing these pipes, adding to the cost and expertise of the plumber. You can analyze the situation and devise hacks to reduce repair costs. However, hiring professional companies for specialized services that provide durable results is advisable.

Some of the influencing factors are as follows:

  1. Size Of The Property: The plumbing line needs more assistance if your house or office is spread over a huge space. Repairing the plumbing system to this extent can increase the cost of replacement. If the property is compact, the price is automatically reduced.
  2. Condition Of The Pipes: If the cast iron pipes are damaged and salvaged, you need a complete replacement to avoid health hazards and water damage. Replacing the complete pipeline will cost you more than standard patching.
  3. Material Choice for Replacement: The type of material chosen to replace the old cast iron pipes affects the cost. Options like PVC and PEX are generally cheap and easier to install than copper or other metal piping.
  4. Disposal of Old Materials: Properly disposing of old cast iron pipes can contribute to the overall cost. This material is heavy and difficult to transport, so you might pay more to dispose of it.
  5. Choice Of Replacement Method: Three methods are used to replace your cast iron pipes. Each method costs differently depending on the size and extent of your property. This choice also influences the cost of the replacement as well.

These are a few attributes that can influence the average cost of your cast iron plumbing system replacement. Hiring professional plumbers like Ted’s Plumbing Company can make your life much easier by addressing them on time. They will replace your plumbing pipes and give you peace of mind for a long time.

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