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What are Different Methods of Cast Iron Plumbing?

What are Different Methods of Cast Iron Plumbing?

Different Methods of Cast Iron Plumbing

Plumbers use different approaches to repair or replace your cast iron pipes. Each method uses various tools and requires a unique level of skill. These methods are effective yet cost differently based on your property and damage extent.

Some of the methods are

Structural Pipe Lining

The first technique is structural, cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP). This method repairs the damaged cast iron vent pipe by using a thin liner and a special epoxy solution to create a pipe within a pipe. The pipeline repair can usually be completed in just a few hours.

Pipe Bursting

When a damaged pipe doesn’t have the structural integrity necessary for pipe lining, pipe bursting may be an option. This trenchless method replaces the old pipe by pulling a brand new one into it.

Spray Lining Or Brush Coating

Spray lining or brush coating is structural pipe lining without the structure. Instead of using a felt liner to create a brand-new inner pipe, this technique involves spraying a flexible polymer resin directly onto the pipe’s inner surface.

Traditional Method

This technique is used when no other method is working. It includes completely digging out the cast iron pipes and replacing the whole line with PVC Or pEX, according to your choice.

Patching Method

This method involves plumbers finding the affected pipe and repairing it by putting a patch all over it. If your pipes are not damaged enough, patching can help prevent plumbing issues for a long time.

Cast iron plumbing can be repaired or replaced easily. However, it is necessary to allocate the perfect method to reduce the replacement cost. The replacement cost varies from house to house, pipe to pipe, and company to company. You can take different quotes and select the company to replace damaged pipes at the least possible cost effectively.

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What is cast iron plumbing?

Cast iron is a strong material used to make plumbing pipes in houses in the 1970s and early 80s. This plumbing was once considered the most sturdy among contractors. Now, it is not used anymore because or structural problems and corrosion.

What are the problems faulty cast iron pipes can cause?

Cast pipes can cause plumbing problems like clogged drains, foul smell, sewer backup, discolored water, mold, rodent infestation, and buildup of rust in the drinking water, affecting its quality.

Is replacing cast iron pipes expensive?

The cost of replacing cast iron pipes varies from house to house. The situation of pipes and treatment choice also influences the average price of replacement that is typically charged by foot by professional companies.


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