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We have built our reputation by focusing on and excelling in tunneling, underground pipe replacement and backfill services. We use state-of-the-art techniques and materials to ensure the least amount of disruption and long-lasting results.

Based on years of experience and innovative methods we are able to provide a non-intrusive method of replacing your cast iron pipes. We will quietly and efficiently replace your cast iron with minimal disruption to you and your lifestyle.


In Florida alone, nearly two and a half million homes suffer from this problem and need urgent attention.

Although cast iron pipes have been used in many different water systems throughout the United States in the last hundred-plus years, they do deteriorate over time. In addition, they have a lifespan of only between 40 and 50 years. They can even begin to develop problems at 25 years old, depending on their certain circumstances.

Because of the salt and moisture-rich environment, Florida homes are especially susceptible to this type of pipe corrosion.

Unfortunately, this serious problem is a ticking time bomb that could likely lead to a catastrophic event. But there is good news! More than likely, your Insurance company will cover the costs. Many times, your homeowners insurance policy, will pay to replace these failed cast iron pipes with new PVC pipes. You can also get extra money to fix the damage caused by the leaky pipes and sewage backups etc… 

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These Are All Tell-Tale Signs of a Failed
Cast Iron Plumbing System

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • Warped or separated wood floors
  • Tinted (raised) floor tiles
  • Broken or loose floor tiles
  • Water-stained floor tiles (grout)
  • Water-stained or discolored carpet
  • Water Damage and Mold
  • Toilets not flushing properly and backing up
  • Always spending money on plumbers to snake/clear lines
  • Water-stained or discolored floor rug/mat
  • Constant water/sewer backups
  • Slow draining sinks/tubs/showers
  • Not able to use certain sinks/tubs/showers
  • Foul smells from sewer gases
  • Pest infestation (rodents and roaches)
  • Foul sewer gas odors in your home


Repair or Replace Under Slab Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipe was designed to last 50 years. The truth is there are so many variables and factors that contribute to the deterioration of cast iron pipe. And while there’s no way to know when your pipe will go bad, there is no doubt that they will go bad.

The last houses constructed with cast iron pipe in DFW were built around 1986. However, many houses in the area were built using PVC pipe even as far back as the late 1970s.

The cast iron on each side of the repair will go bad e.g. crumble, crack, break, leak, etc. That’s just the nature of the material. As the metal repeatedly comes into contact with the wastewater that runs through it, it deteriorates.

Full or Partial Replacement?

So with cast iron sewer pipes, especially older pipes, it doesn’t make sense to locate or repair the leak or leaks.

Now we understand not everyone can afford to replace all of the cast iron pipes under a slab at once. This is why some might opt for the repair instead.

But affordability, or lack thereof, makes it that much more important to consider all your options. It’s especially important to take a long-term view rather than an immediate one.

Sometimes it is possible to replace part of the pipe now and some of it later. And sometimes there’s another option altogether.

Our Recommendation

Based on the fact that all cast iron sewer pipes will need to be replaced, we strongly recommend that cast iron pipe under a concrete slab be replaced and not repaired.

In fact, we have decided we will no longer locate or spot repair any sewer leaks on a cast iron system. We believe locating or repair sewer leaks on a cast iron system is a waste of time and money for the homeowner.

However, we always look at all possibilities from a long-term point of view based on your specific needs and budget.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or want a free no obligation estimate, give us a call at 972-494-1750. Or email us at [email protected].

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