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Start your day off right without the hassle of kitchen plumbing issues. Whether it’s a clogged sink that greets you in the morning or a leaky faucet that disrupts your routine, Ted’s Plumbing Company is here to help. Our team of expert kitchen plumbers in Fort Lauderdale specializes in swiftly addressing and resolving all your plumbing concerns, ensuring your kitchen is fully functional and efficient.

At Ted’s Plumbing Company, we understand the challenges of kitchen plumbing mishaps. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions, from routine maintenance to urgent Pipe repair services, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. With years of dedicated service across Florida, we pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Trust us to keep your kitchen plumbing in top condition.





Are you tired of recurring kitchen plumbing problems? At Ted’s Plumbing Company, we provide expert solutions designed for longevity. Our skilled team is equipped to handle various kitchen Plumbing issues, ensuring your systems run smoothly. Here’s what we can address for you:

  • Low Water Pressure: We optimize water flow to ensure your kitchen’s functionality.
  • Leaking Faucets: Our precise repairs prevent water waste and high utility bills.
  • Clogged Sinks: We clear blockages effectively, preventing future issues.
  • Garbage Disposal Troubles: We ensure your unit operates efficiently, from repairs to replacements.
  • Appliance Leaks (Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines): We fix leaks to protect your home from water damage.

Choose Ted’s Plumbing Company for reliable kitchen plumber and bathroom plumber services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and say goodbye to your plumbing worries!

Our Kitchen Plumbing Services Include

Sink Installation and Repair
Whether to repair the leaky sink or replace it with a new model, Ted’s Plumbing has the tools and expertise to help you get the desired results.
Faucet Repair & Replacement
Tired of listening to the dripping sound of an old and rusty faucet? Call Ted’s plumbing and witness transforming it into a new one!
Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair
Ted’s Plumbing offers reliable garbage disposal installation and repair services, ensuring your kitchen runs smoothly for a long time.
Dishwasher Installation and Repair
Is your dishwasher making weird noises while damaging dishes? Get our plumbers’ help to fix it so you can enjoy spotless dishes without the hassle.
Drain Cleaning & Unclogging
Are clogged drains disrupting your day? Trust Ted’s Plumbing for fast, reliable, and professional drain cleaning and unclogging services.
Leak Detection & Repair
Don’t let hidden leaks wreak havoc on your home. Ted’s Plumbing specializes in state-of-the-art leak detection and repair services.
Water Line Installation & Repair
Whether facing a water line emergency or planning a new installation, Ted’s Plumbing team ensures your water flows smoothly and efficiently.
Refrigerator Water Line Installation
Looking for help getting refreshing water from the fridge? Look no further than Ted’s Plumbing for reliable refrigerator water line installation.
Water Heater Installation and Repair
Ted’s Plumbing provides prompt, reliable, and affordable repair or replacement services, ensuring your home enjoys uninterrupted hot water.
Gas Line Installation and Repair
Ted’s Plumbing has years of expertise in providing safe and durable solutions to all your gas line repair or replacement needs.
Water Pressure Adjustment
Tired of the low pressure while cooking in the kitchen? Call Ted’s Plumbing plumbers and get it fixed to enjoy the smooth water flow Instantly.
Kitchen Renovation Plumbing
Ready to take your kitchen to the next level? Ted’s Plumbing offers renovation services that ensure your kitchen is functional and beautiful.
Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
Trust Ted’s Plumbing for professional solutions from minor repairs to complete sewer line replacements, ensuring your home remains safe.


Taking care of your home should be your priority and To avoid kitchen plumbing issues you need to stay alert and connected with the experts. To prevent kitchen plumbing problems below are useful tips:
Monitor Water Pressure

Monitor water pressure and promptly address sudden drops.

Don’t ignore dripping faucets or minor leaks.

Avoid putting non food items, grease and large food scraps down the garbage disposal.

Use drain strainers to catch food particles and prevent clogs.

Clean the dishwasher filter regularly and check for leaks.



Reliability: Choose our Plumbing Service for your kitchen plumbing needs; you can trust us to handle them well. We’re honest do quality work and act professionally, making us stand out.

Affordability: Looking for affordable kitchen plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale? We provide exceptional service at competitive rates. Discover how we can solve your plumbing needs within your budget, ensuring quality work without breaking the bank.

Expertise: Our Fort Lauderdale plumbers are not just certified but experts in delivering cutting-edge solutions. From traditional repairs to the latest plumbing technologies, we ensure every job is handled with unmatched expertise. Trust us to bring advanced solutions to your plumbing challenges.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. From the moment you reach out to us until the final inspection, we strive to exceed your expectations. Experience personalized service that listens to your needs and delivers timely, efficient results, ensuring you’re delighted with our work.


Ted's Plumbing Company

4.9Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 114 Google reviews

Tyia Glass
3 days ago

claudia fuentes
2 months ago

Excellent service

Louis Collazzo
2 months ago

Service was quick and helpful.

Benjamin Lap
2 months ago

Brian was on time, courteous and professional, and got the problem resolved quickly.

Dr Martha Kushner
2 months ago

Linda Zembuch
2 months ago

Can't say enough I look at plumbers and any other home repair professionals like dentists (no offense) But I called due to a leak in my hot water, return call within 5 minutes and a service call within 1.5 hours..notified of when they were enroute..Could not be better..The young man that came and diagnosed my problem could not have been nicer..explained and showed me everything..Ted's Plumbing is now on my speed dial...Thank You Update...I now have a new tankless hot water heater!!! The service is great..had a small hiccup but all resolved..Brian/Bryan? could not have been nicer..Thank you

steven regli
2 months ago

The representative that came to the house was fantastic. Very informative and did a great job. Thank you

Joann Weinstein
2 months ago

Ted was a doll! Fixed back up and even help clean up my shower that was covered with sewer stuff and sewer flies!

Garrick S
8 months ago

Trevor came to my house to do some plumbing work and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He worked quickly and answered all my questions regarding the items being repaired. I highly recommend Ted's Plumbing for anyone who needs plumbing services.

R Vazquez
11 months ago

Ted and his crew are excellent and professional. They came in and took care of our broken pipe with no delay. Price was more than reasonable. Totally recommend them and in fact we are prepared to use them to replace all our whole cast iron plumbing which is faulty.

Brian listened patiently to all our concerns and addressed each one with detailed explanations. Honest and professional and fair priced. Will be using Ted’s Plumbing again and recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.

European Mechanic
11 months ago

Their technician arrived on time and did a great job installing our new double sink. He also gave us great advise on our future projects. We will definitely be calling them back in the future when we are ready to get more projects completed.

Sharon Dunkley
4 months ago

They made my leak disappear. Appreciate you guys. Honest, affordable and reliable.

All of the plumbers at Ted’s are very professional, courteous and punctual. I highly recommended them.

This is the first time Ive used Ted's Plumbing and couldnt be more pleased. They were realistically priced, responsive, knew what they were doing and got the job banged out right away. And this was a whole house re-plumb. They are my new plumbers from here on out.


How to plumb a kitchen sink drain?

To plumb a kitchen sink drain, you’ll need to connect the drain pipe from the sink to the house’s main drainage system. This typically involves installing a P-trap under the sink and connecting it to the existing plumbing. Proper alignment and sealing are crucial to prevent leaks. If you’re unsure or encounter difficulties, it’s best to consult a professional plumber.

While replacing a kitchen faucet can be a DIY project for some, it often requires specialized tools and knowledge of plumbing systems. Hiring a professional plumber ensures the job is done correctly, minimizing the risk of leaks or damage to your plumbing fixtures.

Adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink involves connecting it to the drainpipe and electrical supply. This process can be complex and may require modifications to your existing plumbing. It’s recommended that a qualified plumber install a garbage disposal to ensure it functions properly and complies with local building codes.

The cost of kitchen plumbing services can vary depending on the job’s complexity, the materials required, and your location. It’s best to request a quote from a reputable plumbing company like Ted’s Plumbing Company for an accurate estimate tailored to your needs.

A typical kitchen plumbing setup includes:

  • Supply lines for hot and cold water.
  • A sink with a drain.
  • A garbage disposal (if desired).
  • Connections for appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators.

Additional plumbing may be needed for specialized features like pot fillers or water filtration systems.

While kitchen and bathroom plumbing involve similar principles, such as water supply and drainage, they often have different requirements and fixtures. Kitchen plumbing focuses more on food preparation and dishwashing, while bathroom plumbing deals with personal hygiene and sanitation.

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