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Are you facing the worst blast in the bathroom sink? Dripping faucets, clogged drains, overflowing toilets, or stubborn shower clogs are making your life hell. Don’t worry anymore Ted’s Plumbing Company is here to rescue you. A professional bathroom plumber Fort Lauderdale team can be at your doorstep in just one call.

Yes! You have heard it right. Contact us now and leave all your worries behind!




In a plumbing emergency like a bathroom you need the help of an expert plumber who knows the delicate knowledge of plumbing lines and their solutions. You can trust Ted’s bathroom plumber in this manner. You can get a team to handle all bathroom plumbing issues that can ruin your day.

However, they run a thorough process to detect the core of the problem in your bathroom. Afterward, they will use the latest tools to detect and fix the problem. They don’t just fix the bathroom; they also provide a long lasting solution to prevent you from repeatedly facing this problem. 

If you live in Fort Lauderdale you can call Ted’s plumbing. We provide adequate residential or commercial Plumbing Services in the fort and beyond. Our team has some of the best reviews in South Florida and neighboring areas.

Our Bathroom Plumbing Services Include

Toilet Installation and Repair
Leaks, clogs, or full replacements – Ted’s Plumbing’s licensed plumbers provide top-notch services for a smooth flush and lasting fix.
Shower and Bathtub Repair & Installation
Ted’s Plumbing repairs and installs showers and bathtubs including fixing leaks, replacing broken parts, and installing entirely new units.
Faucet Repair and Replacement
Hire Ted’s Plumbing’s qualified plumbers and witness transforming your old faucets into a smooth water source in your home or office.
Bathroom Sink Installation and Repair
Sink broke in the middle of the night? Ted’s Plumbing is here to provide quality services to make your bathroom problem-free.
Drain Cleaning and Unclogging
Don’t Let Clogged Drains Get You Down! Call Ted’s Plumbing for Fast, Reliable Drain Cleaning.
Water Heater Installation and Repair
Ted’s Plumbing is your one-stop solution for all kinds of water heater repair or installation issues, offering quality service at the most affordable rates.
Fixture Installation and Repair
From installing sleek faucets to replacing shower caps, Ted’s Plumbing is on their way to solving your bathroom blues!
Showerhead Replacement
Are your Showerheads extremely clogged and rusty? Get a refreshing upgrade with Ted’s Plumbing showerhead replacement!
Water Pressure Adjustment
Are your faucets taking forever to fill a cup? Weak water pressure can be a real drag. But don’t worry, Ted’s Plumbing is here to help!
Bathroom Renovation Plumbing
Planning to renovate your bathroom into a sleek, stylish oasis design? Ted’s Plumbing is here to make your dream a reality!
Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
If your sewer is old and discoloring the water because of backup, Ted’s plumbing’s expert plumbers will replace it and make the line like new!


Ted’s Plumbing Supply covers everything from leaky taps to full scale bathroom renovations. Just give us one call and leave all your worries to our team. 

Our range of services includes but is not limited to.

Leak Detection and Repair

Say goodbye to pesky leaks that can cause water damage and inflate your bills. Our team will detect and fix the leaking link and make your faucets smooth like new ones. 

Whether it’s a repair or a new installation, we ensure your toilet functions flawlessly. You will get the latest repair solutions that adhere to the country’s modern maintenance services. 

With our expert plumbing services, you can enjoy a perfect shower every time. On a pleasant day you can enjoy a warm shower without the anxiety of clogged drains or showers.

Your sink is in capable hands from modern upgrades to quick fixes. Our team knows all kinds of modern sinks so you won’t have to worry about delicate installation anymore. 



Choosing Ted’s Plumbing Company means opting for peace of mind, knowing that your bathroom plumbing is in the hands of Fort Lauderdale’s finest. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and affordable services makes us the number one choice for homeowners like you.

Don’t let plumbing problems dampen your day. Contact Ted’s Plumbing, where quality service and expert solutions are just a call away. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience the best bathroom and Kitchen plumber in Fort Lauderdale. At Ted’s Plumbing, we’re not just any plumbers; we’re your local plumbing heroes!


Ted's Plumbing Company

4.9Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 114 Google reviews

Tyia Glass
3 days ago

claudia fuentes
2 months ago

Excellent service

Louis Collazzo
2 months ago

Service was quick and helpful.

Benjamin Lap
2 months ago

Brian was on time, courteous and professional, and got the problem resolved quickly.

Dr Martha Kushner
2 months ago

Linda Zembuch
2 months ago

Can't say enough I look at plumbers and any other home repair professionals like dentists (no offense) But I called due to a leak in my hot water, return call within 5 minutes and a service call within 1.5 hours..notified of when they were enroute..Could not be better..The young man that came and diagnosed my problem could not have been nicer..explained and showed me everything..Ted's Plumbing is now on my speed dial...Thank You Update...I now have a new tankless hot water heater!!! The service is great..had a small hiccup but all resolved..Brian/Bryan? could not have been nicer..Thank you

steven regli
2 months ago

The representative that came to the house was fantastic. Very informative and did a great job. Thank you

Joann Weinstein
2 months ago

Ted was a doll! Fixed back up and even help clean up my shower that was covered with sewer stuff and sewer flies!

Garrick S
8 months ago

Trevor came to my house to do some plumbing work and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He worked quickly and answered all my questions regarding the items being repaired. I highly recommend Ted's Plumbing for anyone who needs plumbing services.

R Vazquez
11 months ago

Ted and his crew are excellent and professional. They came in and took care of our broken pipe with no delay. Price was more than reasonable. Totally recommend them and in fact we are prepared to use them to replace all our whole cast iron plumbing which is faulty.

Brian listened patiently to all our concerns and addressed each one with detailed explanations. Honest and professional and fair priced. Will be using Ted’s Plumbing again and recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.

European Mechanic
11 months ago

Their technician arrived on time and did a great job installing our new double sink. He also gave us great advise on our future projects. We will definitely be calling them back in the future when we are ready to get more projects completed.

Sharon Dunkley
4 months ago

They made my leak disappear. Appreciate you guys. Honest, affordable and reliable.

All of the plumbers at Ted’s are very professional, courteous and punctual. I highly recommended them.

This is the first time Ive used Ted's Plumbing and couldnt be more pleased. They were realistically priced, responsive, knew what they were doing and got the job banged out right away. And this was a whole house re-plumb. They are my new plumbers from here on out.


How to plumb a bathroom?

Plumbing a bathroom involves connecting water supply lines, drainage pipes, and vent pipes to fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showers. It typically requires knowledge of local building codes and proper installation techniques.

To plumb a bathroom sink, you’ll need to connect the sink’s drain to the main drainage system, install shut-off valves for hot and cold water supply lines, and ensure proper venting to prevent airlock.

Venting bathroom plumbing prevents sewer gases from entering the home and maintains proper drainage flow. Vent pipes allow air into the plumbing system, aiding in waste removal.

The cost of plumbing a new bathroom varies depending on factors like the bathroom’s size, the plumbing layout’s complexity, the type of fixtures chosen, and local labor rates. It’s best to consult with a plumber for an accurate estimate.

Yes, plumbers are often vital in bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. They can relocate plumbing fixtures, install new pipes, and ensure everything is up to code during renovation.

Plumbers are essential for bathroom renovations because they have the expertise to ensure proper installation of plumbing fixtures, compliance with building codes, and prevention of costly mistakes that could lead to water damage or plumbing issues.

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