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Are you facing a plumbing issue located deep underground, out of easy reach? At Ted’s Plumbing Company, we understand the challenges of accessing such troublesome spots. With our hydro excavation technology, we can access and resolve these deep-set problems with precision. This method employs high-pressure water and vacuum systems to reveal and fix underground plumbing issues without disturbing the surrounding area.

Unlike traditional digging, which carries risks of damaging nearby utilities or structures, our hydro excavation offers a safer alternative. This technique ensures that your construction projects and emergency repairs are handled with minimal impact to the surrounding environment, preserving your property and reducing the risk of additional complications.





Hydro excavation employs a combination of pressurized water and powerful suction to delicately unearth soil without causing damage.

Visualize a precise stream of water penetrating the ground, akin to a meticulous shower for the soil. This process effectively loosens the earth, facilitating easy removal by a robust vacuum system. Consequently, a clean excavation is achieved without disrupting surrounding infrastructure.

Hydro excavation emerges as the ideal choice for excavation projects in densely populated areas and industries such as construction and utilities. Its non-invasive nature ensures the safety of underground utilities like pipes and cables, making it a preferred method in urban environments.

For industries where pinpoint precision is essential, such as water leak detection, hydro excavation stands out as a reliable and efficient solution.


Hydro Excavation is a superior alternative to traditional digging methods, offering multiple benefits. It is much faster due to the use of pressurized water and vacuuming, which efficiently removes earth and exposes underground pipes quickly. This method is also safer; since water removes the dirt, there is no risk of accidentally hitting a pipe, ensuring safety for workers, pipes, and civilians.

Hydro Excavation Services is low-cost because it saves money by reducing the work and time needed compared to conventional digging. Additionally, it is effective in various conditions, including frozen ground or difficult soil, as the water works to soften the dirt for easy removal.



Hydro excavation is a special way to dig that uses water and a strong vacuum. It’s better than regular digging in certain situations. Here is when you might need it:

  • Hydro excavation is safer near important underground stuff like gas or water pipes. It helps avoid damaging these lines. 
  • Sometimes in crowded areas or small places regular digging machines can’t fit. In those cases hydro excavation services are a good choice. 
  • Hydro excavation Fort Lauderdale shines in situations requiring precise digging without disturbing surrounding elements. 
  • Hydro excavation is better for working where nature is important, like parks or wildlife areas. It doesn’t mess up the ground as much, keeping things cleaner. 
  • Normal digging machines might not work in cold places with frozen ground. Hydro excavation can still break through the frozen soil without causing damage.


Ted's Plumbing Company

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Overall rating out of 114 Google reviews

Tyia Glass
3 days ago

claudia fuentes
2 months ago

Excellent service

Louis Collazzo
2 months ago

Service was quick and helpful.

Benjamin Lap
2 months ago

Brian was on time, courteous and professional, and got the problem resolved quickly.

Dr Martha Kushner
2 months ago

Linda Zembuch
2 months ago

Can't say enough I look at plumbers and any other home repair professionals like dentists (no offense) But I called due to a leak in my hot water, return call within 5 minutes and a service call within 1.5 hours..notified of when they were enroute..Could not be better..The young man that came and diagnosed my problem could not have been nicer..explained and showed me everything..Ted's Plumbing is now on my speed dial...Thank You Update...I now have a new tankless hot water heater!!! The service is great..had a small hiccup but all resolved..Brian/Bryan? could not have been nicer..Thank you

steven regli
2 months ago

The representative that came to the house was fantastic. Very informative and did a great job. Thank you

Joann Weinstein
2 months ago

Ted was a doll! Fixed back up and even help clean up my shower that was covered with sewer stuff and sewer flies!

Garrick S
8 months ago

Trevor came to my house to do some plumbing work and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He worked quickly and answered all my questions regarding the items being repaired. I highly recommend Ted's Plumbing for anyone who needs plumbing services.

R Vazquez
11 months ago

Ted and his crew are excellent and professional. They came in and took care of our broken pipe with no delay. Price was more than reasonable. Totally recommend them and in fact we are prepared to use them to replace all our whole cast iron plumbing which is faulty.

Brian listened patiently to all our concerns and addressed each one with detailed explanations. Honest and professional and fair priced. Will be using Ted’s Plumbing again and recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.

European Mechanic
11 months ago

Their technician arrived on time and did a great job installing our new double sink. He also gave us great advise on our future projects. We will definitely be calling them back in the future when we are ready to get more projects completed.

Sharon Dunkley
4 months ago

They made my leak disappear. Appreciate you guys. Honest, affordable and reliable.

All of the plumbers at Ted’s are very professional, courteous and punctual. I highly recommended them.

This is the first time Ive used Ted's Plumbing and couldnt be more pleased. They were realistically priced, responsive, knew what they were doing and got the job banged out right away. And this was a whole house re-plumb. They are my new plumbers from here on out.


What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive method of digging that utilizes pressurized water and a vacuum system to break up soil and debris, which is then removed through a suction hose. This technique is commonly used when traditional excavation methods could be damaging or impractical.

Hydro excavation is used for various purposes in the plumbing industry, including digging trenches for pipe installation, exposing utility lines, locating underground infrastructure, and safely excavating in sensitive or congested areas like urban environments or around existing structures.

Hydro excavation works by directing a high-pressure stream of water onto the soil, effectively breaking it up. Simultaneously, a powerful vacuum system removes the loosened soil and debris, depositing it into a debris tank for later disposal. This combination of water pressure and vacuum suction allows for precise and controlled excavation without causing damage to underground utilities.

The depth to which hydro excavation can effectively dig depends on various factors, including soil type, equipment capabilities, and site conditions. Hydro excavation can generally reach depths of up to several feet or more, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including deep utility trenching and potholing.

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