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How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Fort Lauderdale?

How much does a plumber cost?

You must have seen multiple plumbing issues if you own a house or any property. A minor faucet dripping, malfunctioning air conditioning, or water heater fault can ruin the complete routine of your life. The biggest problem occurs when it comes to plumbing costs. In such a time when plumbers charge a lot per hour, how can one hire them to repair their faulty plumbing systems? Dont worry! We are here with a complete guide on hiring a Plumber Fort Lauderdale at the most affordable rates with maximum efficiency.

First, you need to understand the phenomenon of cost per hour. When you call a plumber for any purpose, they will charge an initial fee just to come and inspect the problem. The actual fee comes after the diagnosis. Various factors can influence the cost per hour. It can include the plumber’s expertise, your house’s location, etc. The average cost of these plumbers per hour is around $50 to $100, which may increase depending on the type of problem and how it is solved.

How Much Does Plumber Fort Lauderdale Charge Averagely?

Not all plumbing repair jobs cost the same. Every job requires different skill sets and equipment. Professional plumbers inspect the issues and decide on the technique or tool to help eliminate the problem. Due to the complexity and diversity of the job, the charge per hour varies.

Some of the average costs per hour of different plumbing jobs are as follows.


Whether it’s a water heater or plumbing line replacement, it will average around $900 to $1200. Replacing the equipment will take three to four hours following all safety precautions. If you just need to replace a single element or thermostat in your equipment, it might cost you around $200 to $300. These are just estimates. The actual cost will be revealed after a detailed consultation with your plumber.


Leaks are the biggest reason you need professional assistance. They are relatively difficult to find and repair because of tricky locations and small holes in the pipes. If you are facing a leak, it might cost you around $150 up to $4000, depending on the severity of the leakage. Moreover, a Fixture leak, like a sink or a tap leak, costs less, while under slab pipe leaks will cost you the most.


Clogs are another culprit in damaging your plumbing supply. They stop the water supply and sometimes contaminate it. Due to potential health hazards, unclogging must be addressed as soon as possible. Like other repairs, the cost of unclogging also varies. A clog might cost you around $150 to $1500, depending on the clog type and the use of equipment. Toilet or interior drain clogs cost less to unclog because less equipment is required. However, the main sewer line clog will cost you more as it might need hydro-jetting or thermal imaging to find and repair the problem.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are also common in households. They can be caused by many reasons, such as cheap pipes or less or more pressure. Gas leaks must be addressed immediately, as they can cause multiple health issues for you. Professional plumbers will charge you around $120 to $750 to repair the gas leak, depending on the type of gas pipes. If you have an open gas pipe that is easily accessible, it will cost a smaller amount to repair. However, concealed pipes are tricky to handle, so that plumbers will charge more.

Emergency Plumbing Needs

Plumbing line emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. They must be addressed immediately to prevent the loss of precious water resources or health hazards. Plumbers charge twice for emergency callouts. So, when you call a professional plumber on an emergency basis, get ready to pay double their standard charges.

These are just an average estimation of the cost per hour you might have to pay for plumbing repairs. For exact numbers, consult your plumber in detail and get a quote that accommodates all your needs within an efficient budget. So, if you are looking for professional plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale, you can get them done with maximum efficiency and less cost.

Situations That Increase Or Decrease The Cost Per Hour

A few circumstances can influence your plumbing repairs’ final cost per hour. Sometimes, it can help you avoid paying hefty fees for a minor repair or replacement job. Some of the conditions are as follows.

  1. Discounted Rates for New Customers: Some plumbers offer introductory discounts to attract new clients. Hiring them will cost you less than standard charges.
  2. Flat Rate for Simple Jobs: Some plumbers have a flat rate for pre-defined jobs, like drain cleaning, eliminating the uncertainty of hourly charges. This can be beneficial if the job is straightforward.
  3. Bundled Services: If you have multiple plumbing issues that need addressing, some plumbers might offer a discounted rate for fixing everything at once, reducing the overall hourly cost.
  4. Minimum Service Charge: Many plumbers have a minimum service charge, a set fee, regardless of the time spent on the job. This covers the cost of travel and diagnostics. It’s important to factor this in when comparing hourly rates.
  5. Materials: The cost of materials and spare parts needed for the repair will be added to the final bill. While the plumber’s hourly rate doesn’t cover materials, it can affect the total cost of the job.

While the cost of hiring a plumber Fort Lauderdale varies, it also depends on location, difficulty, or material usage. You can analyze the problem and hire the appropriate plumber within your budget. You can also try hacks and DIYs to avoid hefty fees. However, getting professional assistance for severe plumbing problems is strongly recommended.

Now, you may wonder how do I hire a local plumber? The simple answer is to call Ted’s Plumbing and leave all my worries to their professional plumbers. Ted’s is proficient at providing durable services and charges way less than other plumbing companies. Visit us today and get your quote now!


What factors increase the cost of plumbers?

The faraway location, difficult plumbing issues, the need for advanced equipment, and emergency callouts can increase the cost per hour for most plumbers.

What numbers should you expect before calling a professional plumber?

On average, you only have to pay $50-$100 for inspection. The exact numbers will be provided after the detailed consultation with your plumber.

Is Ted’s Plumbing affordable?

Ted’s Plumbing is a reliable company in Fort Lauderdale. Its team of efficient plumbers provides high-quality plumbing services at affordable prices.


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