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How to Detect And Repair Common Causes of Leaky Toilets

Common Causes of Leaky Toilets

The bathroom is the center of any common household in the USA. Most homeowners take great care of this area as it is used most often. However, one fine day, you suspect a foul smell with a damp floor in your bathroom. This is one of the most common causes of leaky toilets.

Having a leaky toilet can be a huge headache. Apart from the repair costs, it also brings a lot of anxiety and disturbance to your daily life. If not attended to faster, leaky toilets can ruin the foundation of your house and contaminate drinking water as well. You must conclude the actual cause of your leaking toilets.

What Are The Common Causes Of Leaky Toilets?

It can be multiple reasons for your leaky toilets. One small mistake can cause massive destruction in your bathroom and plumbing lines. You must be careful and identify the problem before calling professional help.

Some of the most common problems with leaks are as follows. 

Broken Flapper

The flapper in your toilet’s tank acts like a gate, holding water until you’re ready to flush. Made of plastic or rubber, it can wear out or get dirty, causing leaks. This is often why toilets run non-stop. If the flapper doesn’t fit snugly, water sneaks into the bowl.

Faulty Toilet Float

The toilet float, a ball floating atop the tank water, signals when to stop adding water. If damaged, the fill valve keeps running, potentially overflowing the tank. It will eventually waste a lot of water and make your bathroom look like a swimming pool.

Stuck Flapper

Sometimes, even a good flapper can malfunction if it doesn’t return to its position, causing constant leaks. If your flush handle feels loose, the chain might have slipped, or the handle needs adjusting.

Cracked Supply Line

The supply line feeds water to your tank. Over time, it can crack or loosen at the joints, leading to leaks. This problem is crucial as it will waste water, and your bathroom will be useless because of always wet and leaking toilets.

Damaged Toilet Tank

Leaks can also come from cracks in the tank. While minor cracks might be sealed with a sealant, significant damage often means replacing the toilet. Moreover, it causes a lot of tension, loss of money and anxiety for you.

Fill Valve Issues

If damaged, a faulty fill valve controlling water flow to the tank can cause overflows. This problem seems simple, but it can cause severe leakage in the bathroom and a smell in your house.

Broken Wax Seal

The wax ring under the toilet prevents leaks onto the floor. The seal might be broken if you notice water pooling or smell odors around the bathroom. You may not find this problem instantly, but water leak detection professionals will find it using the latest tools.

Therefore, these common problems can create a new source of disturbance in your house. In such scenarios, you need professional plumbers who will detect the issue and give durable solutions. Whether you need to fix your flooded basement or leaky toilets, these skilled workers will provide adequate solutions with preventive measures.

Durable Solutions To Fix Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilet problems can be a headache for a common man. To address this, you must hire professional help. If you think of doing this alone, you can choose a few options.

Some of the proven solutions are as follows.

  • Replace or fix the toilet with a high-quality rubber or silicone-based flapper to stop constant water leakage.
  • Install an adjustable, anti-siphon fill valve that allows the toilet to fill quickly without spills or leaks.
  • You should opt for brass bolts for tank-to-bowl connections as they are less corrosion-prone.
  • You must consider a reinforced wax ring with a polyethylene flange for a more reliable bond between the toilet base and the drain pipe.
  • You must use a stainless steel braided supply line for superior durability and flexibility.
  • You must inspect your bathroom occasionally for cracks, leaks, or malfunctions.
  • Use corrosion-resistant materials like brass or copper for durable results for cracks or gaps.
  • If your toilet is old and repairs are frequent, consider upgrading to a new, high-efficiency toilet.
  • Contact a professional plumbing service that will efficiently repair and maintain your bathroom leaks without cracks or gaps for longevity and durable results.

If you suspect a cracked, faulty faucet or a leaking fill valve, these are common causes of leaky toilets. Getting help from professional plumbing companies is advisable as they have the latest tools to provide ultimate solutions to all these problems.  DIY or professional services will let you have a worry-free day in your beautiful house forever.

You have come to the right place if you need high-quality plumbing services in Fort Lauderdale. Our skilled Fort Lauderdale plumbers at Ted’s Plumbing are trained and insured and can handle any plumbing problem in a few minutes. We provide durable solutions at economical prices 24/7 for your maximum satisfaction. Visit our website today and book your inspection now!


Why do you need water leak detection?

These detections can help you find mold and mildew growing in the foundation and water leakage and efficiently prevent expensive property damage.

What can cause leaky toilets most often?

Worn flappers and malfunctioning fill valves are the most common causes of leaky toilets in households or offices.

What kind of services do plumbers provide?

Professional plumbers can find and detect leakage, install and repair toilets, and maintain your house’s plumbing system using modern techniques.

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