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10 Things Your Plumber Fort Lauderdale Wants You to Know!

10 Things You Should Know About Your Plumbing

Living in Fort Lauderdale, with its beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets, is a dream. However, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare with the sound of dripping water from your bathroom or strange noises from your drain. In such situations, having a reliable plumber on speed dial is crucial. Here are ten essential things your Plumber in Fort Lauderdale wants you to know to maintain your plumbing system and prevent costly issues.

Homeowners or property holders do not like expensive repairs or replacements. They want quick fixes and immediate solutions for their plumbing woes. Considering this, a few essential tips will keep their plumbing lines flowing smoothly. These are not DIY plumbing hacks but legitimate tactics from qualified plumbers to help their clients.

What Are The Beneficial Tips Given By Plumber Fort Lauderdale?

1. Understand Your House’s Plumbing System

The first tip plumbers want you to know is understanding your house’s plumbing system completely. You must know all your house’s pipes, sources, valves, and fittings. This basic knowledge will help you in case of emergency plumbing problems. You can use your instincts to save your house from massive damage.

2. Know Your Water Main

You must know the main valve or source of the water in your house that is connected to the municipal supply. This will familiarize you with the complete water supply system in your home. In any emergency, you can find it and shut off the valve to save precious water and prevent your home from water damage.

3. Identify Your Sewer Clean-Out Valve

Another crucial valve of your plumbing system is the sewer clean-out valve. It will help keep your drains clean and infestation-free. When it gets deeply clogged, you must know the exact location to guide the plumber in locating it and fixing the problem immediately. Learn all Types of Plumbing systems to find the sewer valve ideally.

4. Shut Off Sinks, Toilets, and Appliances

Every appliance in your house has its own valve that supplies the water. A small valve controls the water supply, whether a toilet or kitchen sink. You must know the location of valves so you can shut them off immediately when the appliances start leaking or showing any malfunctioning symptoms.

5. Replace Your Sink Aerators

A sink aerator is a small attachment that screws onto the faucet and mixes air into the water stream, creating a fuller flow. After a while, it softens and accumulates debris. You must know how to replace it by unscrewing the old one and installing a new one to regain the soft flow.

6. Unclog Toilets, Sinks, and Shower Drains

You must know some DIY plumbing tips and techniques to unclog your toilets, sinks, and shower drains. The most common one is using plungers and Zip-its to clear all kinds of debris. You can also use some store-made cleaners to unclog these appliances. Avoid using abrasive strong chemicals, as they can cause severe health problems to your family. You must also know how to disassemble an S-trap to retrieve lost items.

7. Repair a Running Toilet

A running or leaking toilet can cause a loss of water reserve and make flushing challenging in your house. Learn how to replace internal components swiftly after turning off the water supply valve. After your fixing technique, if the problem persists, feel free to call professional plumbers immediately.

8. Un-jam the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal chute can be jammed because of overloading or constant accumulation. Use a provided wrench to release the jammed blades manually. You can clean your garbage disposal by taking out big chunks of rinds and cutlery. It will keep your garbage chute clean for a long time.

9. Recognize and Fix Hard Water Problems

Hard water can cause multiple problems in your plumbing system. It can build up sediments and salt reserves in your pipes. Hard water also leaves stains on your appliances or clogs drains. Use vinegar or a similar solution to break the water compounds and remove the buildup in your plumbing lines.

10. Master the Maintenance of Drains to Prevent Clogs

After plumbing repair or replacement, you must also know a little about maintenance. You can use drain screens and traps to avoid sending cooking grease and other problematic items down the drain. Moreover, running vinegar helps clear potential blockages. Avoid pouring chemicals into the pipes, as they can cause breathing issues.

Maintenance of Water-Based Appliances

You must understand your washer, dishwasher, and ice-maker’s water supply and how to perform essential maintenance, including turning off their water valves. Conduct a cleaning regime for all water-based appliances once every three months. This cleaning and maintaining routine will prevent your appliances from malfunctioning for a long time.

Maintaining your home’s plumbing system can be straightforward with the right knowledge and regular care. However, for more complex issues, professional help is essential. If you’re in Fort Lauderdale and need reliable plumbing services, Ted’s Plumbing is here to assist. Our expert plumbers can quickly identify and resolve any plumbing problem. Visit us today for a quote and ensure your plumbing system is in top condition!


Can I perform plumbing maintenance myself?

Yes, you can handle basic plumbing maintenance tasks such as replacing sink aerators and unclogging drains. However, for more severe issues or complex repairs, it’s best to call a professional plumber to avoid potential damage.

How does a plumber find the clog in your plumbing system?

Plumbers use various methods to find clogs, including visual inspection with cameras, plungers to remove the clog, and drain snakes to reach and break up the blockage.

Does Ted’s Plumbing provide services only in Fort Lauderdale?

Apart from Fort Lauderdale, Ted’s provides services in the cities of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach.

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