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Let’s be honest: Leaky faucets are the worst nightmare for any homeowner. They waste a lot of water and make life difficult. Your bathroom can always be wet, or your kitchen sink starts deteriorating because of constant dripping. What to do in such a situation? A simple solution is here! A plumber Fort Lauderdale can help fix your leaky faucets and help you live a peaceful life. 

Before calling a plumber, you need to determine a few things. First, you need to choose the type of faucet causing a problem in your house. Four types of faucets are available on the market. Each has its own functions, installation methods, and fixing regime.

Cartridge faucet: These taps are typically found in bathroom sinks. It has handles on either side of the spout, which move up and down to turn the water on and off. Inside the sink is a cartridge that moves up and down to control pressure and water flow.

Disc faucet: This relatively newer and pricier option operates with a single lever resting on a cylindrical body.

Ball faucet: Ball taps typically found in kitchens use a ball joint to switch between hot and cold. They have a single handle on a rounded cap mounted on top of the spout. You push up and down to adjust the pressure and left and right to adjust the temperature.

Compression washer faucet: The oldest type of faucet, compression washer faucets are still used today. Their two handles move side to side. You can feel the faucet handle tighten as you shut it off. These use rubber washers that seal against the flow of water.

After identifying the type of faucet, you need to find the cause of leaky taps and faucets.

What Are The Causes Of Leaky Faucets?

After recognizing the type of faucet finding the cause of the leakage becomes easier. A few standard causes can happen to be a reason for constant leakage. Addressing them immediately is advisable as ignoring this will increase your water bill to a great extent.

Some of the prominent causes of leaky taps are as follows.

Water Pressure

The most common cause of a dripping tap is a water pressure issue. Pay attention to the dripping when you turn on other water fixtures. If the dripping starts at the moment, you use any other water fixture. Water pressure is the likely cause of the drip. In this circumstance, a Plumber Fort Lauderdale is needed.

Cartridge Faucet

In a cartridge style faucet the cartridge regulates the amount of water flowing through the faucet. Water leaks through the fixture when an old cartridge wears down or loosens. Replace the entire cartridge with a new one for a quick fix.

Broken Seals

Seals are essential on a faucet because they keep water from leaking through the fixture. Water leaks out when the seals, both the outlet and inlet seals, wear down. Water sediment collects on these seals, speeding up their deterioration.

Valve Seat

Valve seats often cause a dripping faucet because water sediment typically collects in this location. The valve seat joins the tap to the water spout, meaning drips from the valve seat usually happen near the spout.

Bad O-Ring

O-rings help the faucet handles stay put, but they loosen and wear down over a fixture’s years of use. A dripping faucet with leaks near the handle likely needs a new O-ring to stop the leak.

Loose or Broken Parts

This goes without saying, but drips are more likely to happen when parts of the faucet are broken or too loose. If any part on the faucet breaks, replace it as soon as possible to prevent a drip from starting and stop an existing one.

These are just a few causes that can be a reason for leaky faucets. Addressing them immediately can help you save precious water and prevent any accidents. Another question arises here: How much does a plumber cost? The cost of hiring these plumbers varies, and you can decide to get a detailed consultation from them.

Steps To Fix The Leaky Faucets By Professional Plumbers

Professionals have the right tools and knowledge to fix all kinds of faucets. Hiring them will make your work easier, as they will come, inspect, and fix the problem in a day. You might be wondering how I hire a local plumber. Local plumbers are easy to find and hire because they are more accessible. They follow actions that result in a smooth tap in your bathroom or kitchen.

The specialized steps are as follows.

  1. First, they will shut off the water valve. It will stop the water from coming from the resource, save your water bill, and prevent further leakage.
  2. Then, they will remove the faucet’s handles. It will help them find the cause of the leakage much faster.
  3. Now, they can reach the inner stem of the valve. They will remove the upper valve to reach the bottom of the faucet.
  4. After examining the cause, they will repair the problem. In case of a cartridge fault, they will replace it. In fancier faucets, they will install a new ball joint or disc. In short, they will treat any kind of faucet with professionalism.
  5. After replacing the damaged part, they will sanitize the valve. They will pour white vinegar on the tap to remove any mineral buildup caused by leakage.
  6. Ultimately, they will put everything back and make your faucet look new. The plumbers will turn on the water valve and check for leakage.

In short, plumber Fort Lauderdale will do their best to make your taps and faucet flawless again. It shows their determination and dedication towards excellence. They will find the cause of leaky faucets using modern tools and repair them with cutting-edge technology. Hiring a professional plumber is always a good idea as they always provide reliable results.

Looking for a durable plumbing company? Ted’s plumbing company is here for you! We have a perfect team eager to provide you with reliable services 24/7. We use the latest techniques so you do not face any leakage in a long time. To book your appointment, visit our website now!


How much does a plumber cost?

Most plumbers charge differently for different plumbing jobs. You can find the exact amount by calling them and getting a detailed quote for your plumbing needs.

How do I hire a local plumber?

You can call Ted’s Plumbing to get a local plumber in just one call. They will send their best team to your doorstep right away.

What kind of faucet is the most durable?

Faucets with a solid brass body are the most reliable ones. It will prevent corrosion and rust buildup for a long time.

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