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Replacing Cast Iron Pipes: What You Need to Know

Replacing Cast Iron Pipes

Are you thinking about replacing your cast iron pipes? This is the right place for you. Before replacing cast iron pipes, you must determine various factors impacting this decision. We all know cast iron was the sturdy material used in houses in the 1970s and early 1980s. It can still be seen in houses from that era. However, this material has stopped being used because much lighter and better materials came into the market. 

Now, how do you decide that your cast iron pipes need immediate replacement? There are a few signs that may indicate their deterioration. Cast iron plumbing is most sensitive to corrosion and rust, which can compromise the water quality in your drain system.  Typically, cast iron pipes last up to 50 to 100 years. If your pipes are reaching their life, they need immediate replacement before they start causing health hazards for your family. 

Corroded pipes also start causing a foul smell in the water and changing its color, showing contamination. If you witness any sign of pipe deterioration, you should take preventive measures and replace pipes immediately. 

What Are The Steps For Replacing Cast Iron Pipes?

You have decided to replace your cast iron pipes with PVC pipes or your desired material. If you are trying DIY hacks you might cause more mess as you do not have the proper tools to repair cast iron plumbing pipes. Calling professional plumbers is advisable as they can provide specialized services with the least digging and ultimate results.

They will follow the steps to replace your iron soil pipes.

Step 1. Inspection And Assessment

Before digging up the ground plumbers will assess the complete supply line and try to locate where the pipes are damaged. Professional plumbers use the latest tools to find the problem, not to dig the whole ground and create chaos in your house. They would shut off the water source before starting the repair process. 

Step 2. Planning And Preparation

After finding the problem professional plumbers use different techniques to dig the ground to replace the pipes. The most popular method is Trenchless which means replacing the faulty pipe with a new one without digging the whole plumbing system. This is when they plan the strategy to provide seamless plumbing pipes in your home.

Step 3. Removal Of Old Pipes

After a sound plan, they dig the affected area and remove the faulty pipes. They will find the pipe and remove it from the ground using a camera or other methods. This step is crucial as a minor problem can cause more issues like damaging other pipes or plumbers may find severe infestations in the plumbing system.

Step 4. Installation Of New Pipes

In the trenchless method, plumbers use modern tools and replace the old pipe with new pipes using epoxy impregnated liner. Another technique is bursting old pipes within the system and replacing them with new ones to PVC pipes. This method does not work if your cast iron pipes are severely damaged. You must replace the whole system in your house to get long-term results. 

Step 5. Testing The Pipes

After replacing and cleaning the system, professional plumbers will turn on the water source and check whether the leakage is still occurring. They will also infuse effective preventive maintenance into your sewer line so you do not have to face this problem for long. 

These steps are done with professional care and with utmost skill. These plumbers will try to remove all kinds of infestation, rust, or other unforeseen issues and make your cast iron plumbing system smooth again. However, look for any signs to replace cast iron pipes and get specialized services from plumbers for peace of mind. 

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Plumbers For Plumbing Issues

Most people avoid professional plumbers because of rising costs and insurance non-coverage. However, you cannot repair cast iron without their help. Getting their services offers many benefits that make them unbeatable in this field. 

Some of the benefits offered by professional plumbing companies are as follows. 

  • They provide the maximum expertise and experience in their services. It makes them the expert in efficiently assessing and solving all kinds of problems.
  • Professional plumbing companies provide comprehensive services. Whether you need toilet leakage repair, basement fixtures replacement, or vent pipe repair, these plumbers can do it efficiently. 
  • These plumbers use the latest technology to solve these plumbing issues. They also use the proper tools to diagnose and repair pipes creating no mess and providing greater reliability. 
  • Most of these plumbing companies provide emergency services. Since pipe or sewer line emergencies can occur at any moment of the day these plumbers will contact you and provide maximum protection for your home. 
  • These plumbers will offer a warranty or guarantee on their work, providing you with peace of mind. If you are not satisfied with the services, warranties will cover you in this situation. 

Replacing cast iron pipes is a huge, monetary tolling, and time-consuming decision. Taking services from professional plumbers will help you get a smooth water stream without replacing your whole plumbing line. They provide comprehensive services to provide you with complete peace of mind for a long time. 

Looking for a company to fix your plumbing problems? Ted’s Plumbing Company is here to help. Our experts are trained and licensed to handle unforeseen issues in your plumbing system. We also offer 24/7 services at the lowest prices. Visit us today and get those pipes fixed now!


What are the challenges you can find while replacing cast iron pipes?

You may find accessibility issues, higher costs, disruption by infestation or unforeseen issues that might stop the repair process. 

Why did cast iron pipes become irrelevant?

These pipes are most prone to rust and corrosion. Moreover, contractors replace them with lighter more cost effective materials like PVC. 

Why should you choose Ted’s Plumbing Services?

Ted’s has a reputation for providing its customers with durable services transparent pricing, and emergency services with maximum protection. 

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