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Leak Detection Specialist Advice on Leaky Garages in Winter

Winter is one of the magical times of the year. The snow, the food, and everything seems perfect at this time. Holidays fall in winter, so they are more memorable for most families. However, one thing that can ruin the season’s fun for you is leaking pipes in your garage. The garage serves as parking, a gym, or even a guest room for most US people. A minor problem in the garage pipes can even destroy the foundation of your house. Here is what you need a professional leak detection specialist.

Detection specialists are licensed and trained professional plumbers who use the latest tools to detect leakage in your plumbing lines. They often use thermal imaging to find the exact place of leakage. However, snow and other buildups can be quite tricky in winter. You can follow the unique tips these professionals give to protect your home’s garage from these problems.

Why Would You Need A Leak Detection Specialist In Winters?

You may need these specialists for many reasons. However, they are required more often in winter, as people face many plumbing issues now. There are other reasons you need to call water leak detection services for your house’s garage.

Some of the common problems with winter leakage are as follows.

Freezing Pipes

In winter, your plumbing pipes are more prone to freezing. Due to constant low temperatures and snowfall, you can face freezing plumbing lines. This can cause you to have no water source in the house. Moreover, due to the heavy amount of frozen water in your waterlines, you can eventually see a constant leakage in your garage.

Roof Leaks

In winter, when there is constant snowfall on your house, your whole house is in danger of leakage and destruction. Your roof has a continuous snow intake that seeps into your home’s plumbing lines and eventually creates a leak in the garage. Moreover, ice buildup on roofs can melt unevenly, leading to water pooling and finding ways to enter your garage.

Foundation Cracks

In winter, Mother Nature shifts most of the house’s foundations, causing constant pressure and cracks. Snow and water entering these cracks eventually cause constant water leakage in your garage, and these cracks can even weaken the foundation of your house.

Poorly Sealed Doors and Windows

The poor and low-quality sealing capacity of doors and windows allows snow and other moisture to enter your house in winter. These small amounts of moisture will become a huge problem for your home as they enter your plumbing system and create a constant leakage in the garage or other parts of the house.

Clogged Drainage System

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can gather in gutters and downspouts during fall, preventing proper drainage. When the snow melts or heavy rain falls, water can overflow from clogged drains, moisturizing exterior walls and causing constant water leaks. Moreover, these clogs can cause a stench in the house that won’t go without professional help. Therefore, these are just a few reasons to call for professional help and get your leaks fixed immediately. Many plumbing services, including What Services Do Plumbers Offer, include the detection of leakage, fixing it, and providing preventive measures that will help you avoid these problems in the long term.

Essential Tips To Save Your Garage From Water Leaks

Water leakage in the winter can be harsh for so many people. Fixing a small leakage at such times can cost you a fortune. In this case, you need proactive tips that can save you time and money.

Some of the tried and tested preventive measures are as follows.

Check Your Pipes For Leakage

You need to check your pipes constantly for leaks and conduct a thorough weekly survey of your house to detect any minor leaks that can cause future problems in your plumbing system.

Insulate Your Pipes

If the parts of your pipes are not insulated properly, consider doing it immediately. Insulating exposed pipes in your garage helps them retain heat and prevents them from freezing and cracking.

Seal Air Leaks And Pipes

Take all the measures to stop air from entering your pipes or house. Seal all air leaks from your doors to windows properly. It will help prevent your pipes from freezing and cracking.

Keep Your House Warm

Install an internal heating system to prevent your house from getting cold and leaking. High-quality heating will prevent air from entering your house and help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Shut Down The Water Valve

During leak testing, if you detect any minor signs of water leakage, you should know the location of the water source. Just shut down the main source of water to prevent any further damage. This way, you can save precious water and prevent damage to your garage.

Call Professional Help

A few issues cannot be resolved without professional assistance. Call the nearest leak detection professionals and have all the leakage fixed immediately. They will also provide advanced measures to keep your house safe.

By following these expert tips from a leak detection specialist, you can effectively guard against leaky garages during the winter months. Regular maintenance and proactive measures are key to keeping your garage dry and protecting your belongings from water damage. With these simple tactics, you can enjoy a leak-free winter and peace of mind knowing that your garage is well-prepared for whatever the season brings.

If you are looking for a durable company for any plumbing needs, you can rely on Ted’s Plumbing. Our Fort Lauderdale plumber will detect your house’s leaks and cracks using modern techniques and fix them quickly. Visit our website now to get a free estimate or book an appointment!


What do plumbing services include?

Plumbing services cover installing, repairing, and maintaining water lines, pipes(sinks, toilets), and drains within a home or office.  They also address leaks and blockages.

What are the advantages of water leak detection services?

Water leak services will help you detect the problem early, save you money in maintenance, and minimize the disruption by providing sound solutions for your plumbing needs.

What plumbing company is recommended by industry professionals?

Industry professionals often recommend Ted’s plumbing company due to its experience, cost-effectiveness, and trained team.


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